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East Valley High School News

    It is my pleasure to announce that Mr. Reifel's Principles of Engineering students have been selected as national winners of the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition.  The students' project, a hydro-chiller, that uses irrigation water, a heat exchanger, and a fan to cool a home at a 90% savings over traditional cooling methods won the Ambassador's Award!  In addition to being selected the best by the employees of Samsung, you helped these students achieve this award because they received the most points from votes via social media and would like to thank all of you who voted for them via Twitter and Facebook.  They are currently being featured on those sites!  In addition to that recognition, the students will be featured in an upcoming issue of Forbes magazine.
    This award comes with a total prize package of over $140,000 in technology (hardware/software) and cash.  Mr. Reifel, Mrs. Say and two of the students from the class will travel to Washington, D.C. on April 29 to be recognized at an award luncheon.  Congratulations to these great, creative, innovative students. 
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    The spring musical, "Li'l Abner". has been postponed until April 18, 19, 25, 26.   
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    With the spring fast approaching, it is time once again to remind students that there is a dress code at EVHS and it needs to be followed. As fashion changes, there are a few things that need further clarification in our dress code that is in the student handbook students will receive the first week of school –this is not the entire dress code, but parts that are important. It is our hope that the information below will help you and your shop so your student dresses appropriately for the educational environment.



    Short pants (shorts)– inseam measurement must be at least 5 inches. (Inseam is the measurement from the crotch seam of the garment to the end of the leg fabric on the inside of the leg.) No holes/rips/or tears. Running shorts are not acceptable.

    Jeans/pants– if the jeans/pants have holes/rips/tears in them, the holes/rips/tearsmay not be higherthan mid thigh.

    Dresses/skirts– Dressesmustmeet the same requirements for tops and the length of a skirt or a dress must be one inch below the tips of the fingers when arms are relaxed at your side.

    Tops– Excessively revealing tops (those that exposeanyamountof cleavage), exposed underwear (bras/camisoles), tube tops, halter tops, off the shoulder tops, tops that expose the midriff or back, sheer or see through clothing are not allowed. The width of straps on the shoulder of a top must be at least 2 finger widths wide. Racer back tops with at least 7 inches of coverage in the back and no straps showing are allowed.


    Pants– No holes in pants or shorts between mid thigh and waist. No undergarments are to be showing.

    Shirts– No muscle shirts or tank tops that are cut low under the arm are allowed.



    Footwear– Required at all times.

    Sunglasses– No dark sunglasses unless prescribed by a doctor, are to be worn inside the building.

    Pajamas– Not appropriate for an educational setting.

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    Each month the staff at EVHS nominates one student from each department as the student who best represents our motto:  SPIRIT, PRIDE, EXCELLENCE.  That individual's nomination is then taken to Faculty Council where all the nominations are read and an overall Student of the Month is selected.

    Each student who is nominated receives a letter from the principal and an invitation to the end of the year Student of the Month Dinner to be held on May 27, 2014. 

    Each month this list will be updated to add the current month's recipients.  The student with the two stars (**) following his/her name is the overall Student of the Month for that Month. 

    Congratulations to all of these great students!!
    JROTC - Bryce Bailey
    English - Dominic Rodriguez**
    Math - Andrew Raab
    World Languages - Alex Martinez
    Fine Arts - Dillan Feist
    Health & Fitness - Ty Hoffert
    Science - Tanner Schilperoort
    Career & Tech Ed - Isaiah Najera
    Social Studies - Adrian Llamas Lopez
    Student Services - Michael Rossow**
    JROTC - Shelby Schrier
    English - Israel Valladores
    Math - Kaitlyn Dykstra
    World Languages - Weston Kroes
    Fine Arts - Ruby Galayde
    Health & Fitness - Monica Silva
    Science - Joslyn Magana
    Career & Tech Ed - Freddy Rabadan
    Social Studies - Luka van der Merwe
    Student Services - Afefa Musegh
    JROTC - Carlos Gonzales
    English - Bria Rangel
    Math - Tanner Schilperoort
    World Languages - Israel Valladares
    Fine Arts - Dillan Feist
    Health & Fitness - Freddy Rabadan** 
    Science - Konner Sauve
    Career & Tech Ed - Tanner Schilperoort
    Social Studies - Monica Silva
    Learning Academy - Afefa Musegh 
    Student Services - Riley Benedetti 
    JROTC - Payton Shinpaugh
    English - Alex Morrison
    Math - Jessica Sullivan
    World Languages - Cheyenne Henscheid**
    Health & Fitness - Gabe Anderson
    Science - Sam Kroes
    Career & Tech Ed - Darrian Edwards
    Social Studies - Cheyenne Henscheid** 
    JROTC -  Jessica Sullivan
    English - Addison Austin
    Math - Maria Castillo**
    Health & Fitness - Marisela Lopez
    Social Studies - Ali Rogers
    Learning Academy - RaeAnna Alvarez 
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