"Our Mission is to Empower and Inspire All in the Pursuit of Excellence."
We are committed to developing your child's abilities to their fullest potential. We know that all of our students have unique skills and talents. Our focus is to identify their abilities and nurture the growth of each and every child.
We expect all of our teachers to have a passion for teaching and learning and to ensure quality learning experiences in every school, every classroom, everyday, for every child. Our curriculum, programs and instructional strategies are based on best practices. Our teachers and schools are committed to making large scale improvements in closing the achievement gap for our children.
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EVE Students Serve
Reading Growth for Dessert

Reading was on the menu today as EVE 2nd graders welcomed their parents to the annual Book Bistro where they dined on a 3-course meal that was more about goals and growth than it was about gelato...

The experience began with appetizers which offered parents an opportunity to listen to their children reading short poems they'd been practicing throughout the year. They then transitioned to the main course where parents were delighted with samples of their child's writing. After the main course the students served up reading growth scores for dessert, which proved to be the most delicious part of every meal!



'Waste to Want" Winners
1st Place winner of the 2017 Waste to Want Challenge, Grace Russell     2nd Place Waste to Want Winners

Three East Valley Central Middle School students met the ‘Waste to Want’ challenge head-on, producing practical projects using only recycled materials.

1st place was awarded to 8th grader, Grace Russell, who repurposed an old stereo cabinet over the course of 3 months. Her hard work resulted in a finished play kitchen that she plans to donate to the Madison House of Yakima. 

2nd place was awarded for a team effort by two 6th graders, Joey Munyaneza and Morgan Rodriguez. The duo worked together to design and create a keys and odds and ends holder using a lid and solo cups.

Congratulations to these creative kids for showing us that with effort and innovation, we can turn waste into something we can actually use and want!

1... 2.... 3....
New Elementary Assistant Principals!

East Valley School District is pleased to share that our administrative team will be growing in the 2017-2018 school year with the addition of three new Elementary Assistant Principal positions. Terrace Heights, Moxee and East Valley Elementary will each gain a new Assistant Principal to help provide our students, teachers and families with support and guidance.

East Valley Elementary will welcome Mrs. Mary Bowman as the new Assistant Principal. Mrs. Bowman comes to our district with extensive experience in education, including over twenty years of classroom experience in grades six through eight. Bowman has been an active participant in district and school initiatives and improvement teams during the course of her career with Zillah School District. Bowman believes in, “Creating and maintaining a positive culture within the student body.” Mrs. Bowman earned a Bachelor’s in Education from Central Washington University, a Masters in Education from Grand Canyon University and Administrative Credentials from Heritage University. Bowman’s willingness to listen, be creative and problem solve with staff and students will serve our students at EVE well. 

Ms. Laura Lean will join Moxee Elementary as the new Assistant Principal. Ms. Lean comes to the East Valley School District most recently from her position as the Program Administrator for Special Education and Special Programs Coordinator for Goldendale School District. Lean has extensive classroom experience as an educator, dedicating over ten years in grades K-2, along with several leadership roles in a variety of committees and training opportunities for the Wonder Works program. Ms. Lean has a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching from Western Governors University, a Masters Degree in Education from Walden University and is scheduled to complete her principal internship and certification with Heritage University later this spring. Ms. Lean believes in, "...creating a supportive, nurturing and caring learning environment for all children."

Terrace Heights Elementary will welcome Ms. Jillian Robillard as the new Assistant Principal. Ms. Robillard joins the administrative team, transferring from her current position as the School Counselor and Principal Intern at Moxee Elementary. Ms. Robillard comes highly recommended for this position having been a member of the East Valley School District for seven years. During Robillard’s service to East Valley School District she has worked in several capacities including as the GEAR Up College Specialist for East Valley High School and as a Behavior Therapist Consultant. Robillard has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Family and Consumer Science from Central Washington University, a Masters degree in Education with a specialty in Counseling from Heritage University and a Certificate in Educational Leadership from City University in Seattle, Washington. Ms. Robillard is known for working collaboratively with staff, parents and community members. Robillard believes, “…that a school’s culture is the foundation for all students to learn and be successful and that [it] starts with a building and a leader who have a growth mindset and belief that ALL students can learn and be successful.”

Please join East Valley School District in congratulating our new elementary administrators. 
Mary Bowman - EVE Assistant Principal       Laura Lean - Moxee Assistant Principal  
Mrs. Mary Bowman                  Ms. Laura Lean
Jillian Robillard - Terrace Heights Assistant Principal
Ms. Jillian Robillard

East Valley Celebrates
National Teacher Appreciation Week
May 8-12th
"One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world." - Malala Yousafzai
As you look back at your own childhood and adolescence, you probably see the face of an individual that stands out as having had an impact on your life and the person you have become. We often recall our most talented educators because they listened to us, eagerly assessed our needs, and provided encouragement and support as we forged ahead in reaching our dreams. They captured our attention and motivated us to stretch as we continued to learn beyond what we thought was possible. They smiled to show us they cared. We studied as much for them, as we did for ourselves.
These attributes are characteristic of the truly outstanding teachers, counselors and educational specialists that we have in the East Valley School District. In celebration of National Teacher Appreciation Week we honor our certificated staff for the incredible work they do on a daily basis to empower and inspire our students in their pursuit of excellence. They have provided a springboard for the growing success of our children and our district.
Please join us in celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week!
Teacher Appreciation Photos  

 2017 Crystal Apple
Award Winner 
The East Valley School District is jazzed to announce that Mrs. Julie Milburn has earned the title of Crystal Apple Award Winner for 2017! Mrs. Milburn is known for her flexibility, dedication and passion for our students and our district. 
Mrs. Milburn has been in education for over thirty years, teaching music in every East Valley School at some point in her career. Currently Mrs. Milburn splits her time between Terrace Heights Elementary and Moxee Elementary, teaching students ranging from kindergarten through fifth grade. Mrs. Milburn is notorious for orchestrating top-notch Veteran's Day assemblies at both schools that encourage family and community involvement, while teaching our students how to best respect our armed services and the sacrifices they have made. 
Mrs. Milburn comes highly recommended for this title by her colleagues and parents at both schools. 
Former Terrace Heights Principal, Bob Adamson, said of Mrs. Milburn that, "The kids love her, the teachers admire and respect her, and the parents love having their kids in her class...Julie always stepped up."
This notion was seconded by Mrs. Erin Laurvick, a parent and PTA board member at Terrace Heights Elementary, who praises Mrs. Milburn for her dedication to inspiring the students of East Valley School District. "Two of my children have [had] the privilege of studying under Mrs. Milburn's instruction. For them, she has brought music to life. They have "Music Day" marked on the calendar every week, and every week they share with me what they've learned. Mrs. Milburn's knowledge is deep and genuine, yet she passes it along to kids in a way that is understandable, influential and memorable... She exemplifies all of the most important parts of leadership... and teaches with unparalleled passion." 
Daniel Holzer, a colleague of Mrs. Milburn's at Terrace Heights Elementary, commends her for her professionalism and flexibility. "Flexibility is Julie's middle name...the last few years [she] has split her time between Moxee and Terrace Heights and is currently in our biggest room in the school, the cafeteria." Mrs. Milburn never complains about having to make accommodations to ensure that our students are challenged by exceptional music lessons. Whether this means setting up and putting everything away daily at Terrace Heights or making her lessons mobile and meeting the students in their classrooms to allow space for the book fair.
Mrs. Milburn was recognized at an assembly held at Terrace Heights Elementary on Monday, May 8, 2017, where she was accompanied by family. The actual Crystal Apple and $1,000 cash award will be presented to Mrs. Milburn at our EVHS graduation ceremony on June 10th. All awards presented are made possible by the generous donations of local East Valley businesses and individuals that believe in recognizing excellence in education. 
CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. Julie Milburn for being a fantastic role model for our students and a dedicated, loyal and hardworking employee! 
 Julie Milburn Crystal Apple Award Winner 2017

EVSD Welcomes A New
Athletic Director  
The East Valley School District is thrilled to announce that we have hired Mr. John Yount as the new District Athletic Director. Mr. Yount emerged as the most qualified candidate for this position due to his knowledge, energy and passion for interscholastic athletics. 
Mr. John Yount has a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Western Washington University and is scheduled to complete his Masters in Athletic Administration from Central Washington University later this spring. Yount joins us with four years of service as the Athletic Director for the Cle Elum-Roslyn School District, seven years of experience as a physical education teacher and various coaching positions for sports including basketball, golf and track and field. Yount believes in teaching athletes how to win and how to lose and stated that, " Using athletics as a platform to teach and reinforce life lessons is [his] ultimate goal." 
It was clear that Yount came into his interview ready to win! Please join us in welcoming Mr. Yount for the 2017-2018 school year.
John Yount - Athletic Director  
 Mr. John Yount

Help Us Welcome
Our New High School 
Assistant Principals 
It is the East Valley School District's pleasure to announce the hiring of two new Assistant Principals for East Valley High School, Mr. Michael Martone and Mrs. Stephanie Torpey. Both Mr. Martone and Mrs. Torpey join our administrative team with over 12 years of experience in education. 
Mr. Michael Martone comes to EVSD with extensive teaching experience at the secondary level in math and science and a wealth of knowledge gained as a faculty member at Central Washington University where he instructed pre-service teachers. Martone is known for being an educational leader in his building, as well as a leader in his community. Last year Mr. Martone joined the City of Ellensburg as a volunteer police officer and has gained, "new perspective on families, students and the interactions that a public servant should have with the community." Mr. Martone is enthusiastic about beginning his administrative career in the East Valley School District. 
Mrs. Stephanie Torpey also comes to us with extensive teaching experience in middle and high school English and Social Studies and administrative experience at the intermediate school level. This experience has provided her the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of the new teacher evaluation system and the importance of building strong relationships with staff when working toward instructional improvement. Mrs. Torpey earned a Masters in Educational Leadership and has served as the Assistant Principal at Selah Intermediate School. Mrs. Torpey, "...believes that all students deserve to have a proficient teacher in front of them, " and values working with, "...teachers to reach their professional goals." 
East Valley School District invites you to join us in welcoming these two exceptional professionals at East Valley High School for the 2017-2018 school year.  
Michael Martone - EVHS Assistant Principal  
 Mr. Michael Martone and his children. 
Mrs. Stephanie Torpey - EVHS Assistant Principal  
Mrs. Stephanie Torpey 

Moxee Elementary Welcomes
A New Principal for the
2017-2018 School Year
East Valley School District enthusiastically welcomes Mrs. Elizabeth Hockens as the new Principal for Moxee Elementary School. Mrs. Hockens joins our district bringing a wealth of knowledge with 27 years of educational experience in grades PreK-12, along with a passion for teaching, rooted in bilingual and dual language education.

Mrs. Hockens emerged as the most qualified applicant for this position largely because of her strong background in educational leadership, dual language education and cultural experience. Mrs. Hockens has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education and Spanish from Central Washington University and a Masters in Education from Heritage University. Twenty-one of Mrs. Hockens’ years of experience were dedicated directly to working in K-5 classrooms as a Bilingual and Dual Language Teacher and as a K-5 Reading Coach.

Mrs. Hockens is known for working collaboratively with staff in Professional Learning Communities (PLC) and has extensive knowledge in core instructional strategies, data collection, and data-driven assessments used to improve student learning. She is excited to immerse her work with the vision of East Valley School District and is thankful for the rare opportunity this position will allow her in pursuing her passion of, “ensuring that all children in our valley are able to achieve high levels of learning that transcend cultural barriers.” We look forward to sharing in this goal with Mrs. Hockens next school year. 

  Moxee Principal Liz Hockens
Mrs. Elizabeth Hockens
East Valley Seniors
Sign Up for Success
This afternoon the cafeteria at East Valley High School buzzed with excitement as seniors committed to a lifetime of success as part of EVHS College Signing Day. Today's College Signing Day, hosted by the University of Washington GEAR UP program, takes place in accordance with National College Signing Day and signals the deadline to pay deposits to 4-year institutions nationwide. 
 The GEAR UP program adopted the Class of 2017 when they were 7th graders at EVC and has watched them grow and evolve for the last six years. Christina Bazaldua, the GEAR UP Coordinator at EVHS, saved a banner that the seniors were asked to sign when they were just 7th graders. Students smiled as they found their names on the banner, recollecting memories of where they thought they would be headed and comparing those to what their near-futures actually hold for them. 
In all, over 100 EVHS seniors joined in today's celebration, pledging to post-secondary plans including 2-year and 4-year colleges, as well as various branches of the U.S. military. Students were encouraged to show pride in their future alma maters by signing a banner printed with logos representing the vast list of schools our seniors will attend next year. Chattering onlookers joked about whether there would be more Cougs or Huskies on the list and shouted, "GO COUGS!," when it became clear that the list of students headed to Washington State University outweighed that of UW. Underclassmen were also empowered to think about their goals while they dined on cupcakes displaying the school colors of the institutions our seniors will attend. 
East Valley High School boasts one of the highest 4-year graduation rates in the valley at 90.2%. As a district we celebrate that success and recognize that while graduation matters, we know that it's just the beginning of a student's adult life. Today was about celebrating the successes of the last thirteen years of K-12 education for our seniors, but it was also about students taking a step toward a brighter future. Today was truly A GREAT DAY TO BE A RED DEVIL
 GEAR UP College Signing Day 2017
GEAR UP College Signing Day 2017   
 GEAR UP College Signing Day 2017
College Signing Day was held on May 1, 2017. 


Happy Administrative Professionals Day
Today, and every day, East Valley School District is thankful for the hard work and dedication of all of our Administrative Professionals. Your efforts to ensure that our schools are organized and running smoothly allow our students to be successful. The connections that you make with our students, make impressions that last a lifetime. Thank you for all that you do! 

East Valley Welcomes Yamate HS Juniors!
EVHS Welcomes Yamate Foreign Exchange Students
On April 21, 2017, EVHS welcomed four Japanese foreign exchange students traveling from Yokohama, Japan! Every year Yamate High School sends their entire junior class of approximately 400 students, along with school advisors, to the United States and Canada for a 2 week stay to experience Western cultures. Yakima is on their rotation of cities to visit every 3rd year. This summer Yakima will send a group of students to Japan on the return exchange. Four of the students that will be a part of this contingency are coming from EVHS! We applaud all of our students and families that participate in this uniquely beneficial program! 
Moxee Measures Up!
Moxee Measures Up
Smiles and laughter were on the agenda this morning as administrators and teachers at Moxee Elementary were welcomed to collaboration by Superintendent, John Schieche, who came prepared to share an exciting announcement: Moxee Elementary is being recognized with the 2016 Washington State Award for Special Recognition in Math Growth! This win makes the seventh statewide award bestowed upon Moxee in the last four years!

Moxee Elementary was selected for this honor as one of 280 schools being recognized using Washington’s Achievement Index (http://eds.ospi.k12.wa.us/WAI) which is based on assessment data for the three previous years. With over 2,200 public schools in Washington State, it is quite an accomplishment to be selected for this award. Also in attendance at this morning’s announcement was Assistant Superintendent, Russ Hill, who encouraged teachers to, “Take the time to celebrate this hard earned achievement!”

School Board President, Charlotte Layman, thanked everyone for their hard work and for setting an example of success for our local schools and community. To conclude, Mr. Schieche, along with the Moxee teachers, issued a show of support to thank Monica Masias for her continued dedication to growth and exemplary leadership as the Moxee Elementary Principal.

Thank you to all of the teachers and staff district-wide that interact with our students daily to make growth and success stories for East Valley schools a possibility.

Congratulations to our new...
Director of Communications 
The East Valley School District recognizes the importance of informative and timely communication between our schools, community members, parents and employees. In an effort to continue to improve our current practices and establish new methods of communication, we have hired a Director of Communications. 
We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Brittany Kaple has been selected to fill this new role within our district. Mrs. Kaple was transferred from within, coming to the district office from a fourth grade teaching position at Terrace Heights Elementary. Mrs. Kaple has experience in both public and private communications and will bring fresh and creative ideas to the Director of Communications position. Mrs. Kaple is passionate about teaching and learning in the classroom. Using her communication skills and innovative ideas, she will work diligently to promote the hard work and dedication of our staff, the academic growth of our students and the successful programs, events and opportunities that exist district-wide. She encourages you to follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates and highlights. You can access these accounts using the Quick Links provided. 
Brittany Kaple
Brittany Kaple

EVHS Principal Selected 

We are pleased to announce that we have selected a new Principal for EVHS! The East Valley School District Board of Directors took action at the March 27th Regular School Board Meeting to transfer East Valley High School Assistant Principal, Ms. Kayla Monroe-Crowe to the EVHS Principal position effective July 1, 2017.  Ms. Monroe-Crowe will replace Ms. Dottie Say who is retiring at the conclusion of the 2016-2017 school year. 

Ms. Monroe-Crowe has demonstrated exemplary instructional leadership skills as an assistant principal at East Valley High School for the past 3-years. Prior to joining the East Valley community, Monroe-Crowe taught English/Language Arts at Sunnyside High School for seven successful years. It is due to Monroe-Crowe’s dedication to education and our students that she surfaced as our top applicant. We are excited for Ms. Monroe-Crowe and our district as she transitions into her new role as the EVHS Principal.

New EVHS Principal  
 Kayla Monroe-Crowe

ESD 105
Regional Classified
School Employee of the Year
 Regional Employee of the Year

Our very own - Dan Holzer, Terrace Heights Elementary Custodian, is the 2017 ESD105 Regional Classified School Employee of the year!

The award recognizes not only his exemplary work role of consistently maintaining the pristine condition of the Terrace Heights Elementary building, but also the custodian’s numerous contributions in organizing activities and providing interpersonal connections that have all enhanced students’ experiences and safety at the school.

In her letter of recommendation for the award, Terrace Heights Elementary principal Tami Scrivner wrote:  “Dan is someone the kids trust.  I cannot tell you how many want to be a custodian helper on a weekly basis.  Achievement increases when children feel safe and connected, and sometimes all it takes is a connection with one person to make school a better place.”

Please join us in congratulating Mr. Dan Holzer for this prestigious award!

For the complete ESD105 news release please click here.


 Classified School Employees

Appreciation Week
March 13-17
Join us in taking this opportunity to thank the Classified Staff members who work with students, teachers and families as the District celebrates Classified School Employees Appreciation Week from March 13-17.

Our Classified Staff provides valuable services for our students to help them learn at their full potential.  Classified Staff members include para-educators, speech language pathologist assistants, librarians, bus drivers, mechanics, maintenance and custodial workers, nurses, student supervision assistants, security guard, food service workers, secretaries and IT support staff. 

 Our talented and dedicated classified staff makes our schools a better place to learn.

 Thank You East Valley Classified School Employees!


 School Counselors Week
 Help Celebrate National Counselors Week!
February 6-10, 2017
East Valley School District counselors have a tremendous impact while helping students achieve academic success and plan for a career. Please join the East Valley School Board of Directors in saying “thank you” to our school counselors and show your appreciation for their dedication in helping our children succeed!

January is... 
School Board Recognition Month
During the month of January, school districts across the state and nation honor their board of directors during School Board Recognition Month. The East Valley School District recognized its School Board of Directors at the regular board meeting on Monday, January 23rd.

School Directors play a crucial role in promoting student learning and achievement by creating a vision, establishing policies and budgets, and setting clear standards of accountability for all involved. Our School Directors serve as a vital link between members of the community and our schools.

We appreciate the countless hours our school board members serve in making a significant difference in the lives of our students.

Charlotte Layman, District #2  
 Charlotte Layman, Board President
 Matt Byers, District #1 Adam McCracken, District #3
    Matthew Byers          Adam McCracken 
  Norm Walker, District #4 Eric Farmer, District #5  
 Norm Walker           Eric Famer

Washington State
School of Distinction Awards 

East Valley Elementary School and

East Valley Central Middle School

Congratulations to the students and staff at East Valley Elementary School and East Valley Central Middle School for being recognized as recipients of the 2016 Washington State School of Distinction Award.  

This prestigious award is being presented to the top 5 percent of Washington schools achieving sustained improvement in English Language Arts and Math over the past five years.  The student achievement growth is calculated from Washington State student assessment data.

We are proud of the hard work of our students and staff members at EVE and EVC for the continuous growth in student achievement.  An awards assembly will be scheduled at a later time to properly recognize the achievement of these two schools.

on earning your    
Administrative Professional Certificate! 
               Pro Cert
        Mary Kay Weber, Matt Toth, Colleen Crowston

"2016 Crystal Apple Award"

Mr. Dave Cullen, Athletic Director at East Valley High School and East Valley Central Middle School is the recipient of the 2016 Crystal Apple Award!  Mr. Cullen has been an outstanding educator/athletic director in the East Valley School District for the past 15 years.  Mr. Mark Roy, Chairman of the Crystal Apple Award Committee recognized Mr. Cullen at an EVHS assembly on Monday, May 02, 2016 for his outstanding work as an educator/athletic director.  Barry Reifel, previous teacher at East Valley High School nominated Mr. Cullen for this prestige award.

Dave Cullen  

Congratulations to Mr. Dave Cullen!

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