This unprecedented school closure has generated a number of questions and complications around providing traditional school services to our community. East Valley School District’s goal is to use our organization to provide stability and resources to our community during this time.  


As we near the end of the school year, our normal year-end checkout process for students is not possible. Based on directives from the Yakima Health District, we are unable to allow students into our buildings at this time. Instead, we will offer a Grab & Go  student checkout process to ensure we are able to maintain the safety guidelines, as outlined by our local health district. 

Grab & Go student checkouts will take place at our schools next week, June 15-19th, as determined by each building individually. Click the links below to review your school's student checkout process. 


East Valley High School 

East Valley Central Middle School

East Valley Elementary School

Moxee Elementary School 

Terrace Heights Elementary School 


As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise in our Valley, we must face the possibility that we will start the 2020-2021 school year in some level of remote learning. Because of this, we have decided that we will not be collecting student Chromebooks this year, with the exception of those checked out to seniors or students that are planning to move. Families that are planning to move and seniors will still be expected to turn in their Chromebooks. More information about how seniors will return these to us, will be communicated soon.  Although students will be allowed to keep their devices over the summer months, we will not be providing technology support after this Friday, June 12th. 


If you have any questions about the checkout process, please don't hesitate to contact your child's school. Please remember that our office staff members are currently working remotely. Leave a voicemail and someone will get back to you shortly. 


As you move into the summer months, please remember to practice social distancing, and wear face masks when you're in public spaces. We miss our students and staff and want the opportunity to bring them back to our buildings next school year. We're all in this together...Let's stop the spread and reopen our schools!


Yes, we are currently offering free meals for all children ages 1-18, regardless of family income.  To further reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 through person to person contact, as well as transportation burdens on families, we are now operating bulk meal distributions. Bulk meals consist of 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches for each child. These bulk meal distributions will be offered as a “Grab and Go” service from Terrace Heights Elementary and Moxee Elementary on Tuesdays, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Children must be present to receive meals.


If you do not have transportation to pick-up meals for your child(ren), please contact our Food Services Department at (509) 573-7435

Yes, students will have to make-up some of these days. OSPI Superintendent, Chris Reykdal, indicated that schools would go until June 19th to make up lost instructional time. This change adds seven additional days past our currently scheduled last day of Wednesday, June 10. 

  • June 10th will become a full school day.
  • June 19th is tentatively our last day of school. Students will be on an early release schedule.  

Please review our updated academic calendar

We are excited to welcome our newest East Valley students in the fall. Due to the COVID closure of our schools and offices, we are postponing kindergarten registration until further notice. More information about how to register your incoming student is coming soon. Please make sure to follow us on social media and on our website for updates.

Previously scheduled meetings for this week are being postponed at this time (for example IEP, 504, etc.) For future planning, we will be working on setting up teams to potentially host IEP type meetings via Zoom or phone.

All extra-curricular activities have been canceled during the school closure. We understand there are many unknowns with regard to activities, particularly for our seniors and plans for these important activities will be communicated at a later time. We are currently waiting for further direction regarding high school requirements from OSPI.

As of now, the date of graduation will remain, June 6th. We will continue to follow Yakima Health District recommendations in regards to the ceremony and will keep families updated. Although graduation may look very differently this year, we are committed to  helping our seniors graduate and, to celebrating these last 13 years of their hard work in our schools. We will be sending information to families with current 12th grade students very soon with information specific to graduation.

We have students who are planning for graduation, preparing for AP exams, and worry about how this “pause in curriculum” may impact their learning.

  • We are still waiting on updated guidance from OSPI regarding graduation requirements.
  •  Our district has been in touch with College Board to determine next steps around AP courses and exams.
  • Part of our work will be to have teachers discuss their courses to identify essential content and what adjustments need to be made as we move students into the next sequential course.

Please know that our staff is committed to serving students and helping them get the best education possible. When making these decisions, the district and building leadership have worked to consider as many circumstances and factors as possible, and we believe that our approach is reasonable, sustainable, and equitable for all students.

Teachers will be available during normal school hours on workdays,  as identified in the updated school calendar. Non-workdays, as identified in the updated academic calendar, have been swapped for make-up days added to the end of the calendar. 

While we know that the next couple of months will look very different for our students, staff and families, we are committed to working together to serve our students to the best of our ability through this closure. As we continue to receive guidance from the State, we evaluate our options for providing the highest quality remote learning opportunities and services we can. Based on the most recent guidance, we have drafted answers to some common questions below.


April 14 – April 24th

As communicated on March 25th, we will continue to provide new content and learning opportunities that enhance previously taught skills through April 24th. We will be providing these optional and supplemental support for students using Google Classrooms. These supports will help students do the following things:

  • Review material they may have already covered but not yet mastered
  • Practice and maintain skills that were already taught that are necessary for learning and proficiency in a particular subject
  • Engage in enrichment activities
  • Identify an area of interest in a subject to research and explore.

These learning opportunities are supplemental and designed to keep students connected with their teachers, the content, and the skills they need to resume school successfully next year. They are not meant to replace our core curriculum and instruction.


April 27th – June 19th

Beginning April 27th, our teachers will begin providing new content instruction, focusing on getting all students to mastery of essential standards. Essential standards are those that each grade level has deemed essential for success in the following grade level. Students will be expected to complete and submit items that are assigned. Teachers will continue to provide this instruction using their Google Classrooms. In grades K-1, some teachers may be providing supplemental packets to support skills that our youngest learners cannot do online. Please be on the lookout for more information from your students’ teachers and schools.


We want to stress that this is our plan as of today, Tuesday, April 14, 2020. However, because things are constantly changing, this may change as well, based on new/updated information and guidance from OSPI.  We will do our best to limit these changes and communicate updates as they become available.  We appreciate your flexibility and patience.


Students will be expected to complete and submit items that are assigned by their teachers after April 27th. Active engagement in these assignments is critical to preparing students for success in their next grade level.


In grades K-8, 


Our teachers are providing new content instruction, focusing on getting all students to mastery of essential standards. Essential standards are those that each grade level has deemed essential for success in the following grade level. Students are expected to complete and submit items that are assigned. Feedback will be given to help improvement in mastering essential standards. Grading for these assignments will be pass/no credit, with passing grades being assigned to students who are participating in learning, satisfactory to the teacher.



In Grades 9-12,   


Our goal is to support all students in earning a letter grade and credit for their classes for second semester. Students are required to engage in distance learning through June 19th in order to maintain or improve the grade they were earning as of March 17th. The expected workload for high school students is 1-2 assignments per class, per week. Students who earn a grade of Incomplete will have the opportunity to re-engage in the learning for that course in order to earn a letter grade for credit during the 2020-2021 school.


Please review our modified grading scale as shown below:  


Revised high school grading scale 


Students must be ACTIVELY ENGAGED in these remote learning opportunities in order to receive a passing grade. We know that many parents are working from home and are not able give a full school schedule to support their student’s learning from home each day. This situation is hard for everyone. Please know that we understand that you are doing your very best and that we do not expect this of you. We encourage families to reach out to their child’s teacher for support.

Please watch this short tutorial. If you still have questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher.


Google Login Credentials for Students:

Username = Student Email

Password = Six-Digit Student ID

Over the last few weeks, we have worked with our teachers to identify students and families in need of a device and held Chromebook distribution days to make sure everyone who needs one, has access to one. If you're still in need of a device, please reach out to your child's teacher to arrange an appointment. 


If you currently have a Chromebook checked out and you need support for your device, we can help provide that for you. 


Process for Tech Support, Repairs, or other troubleshooting (we will communicate this to parents):

If you need support, please make sure to follow the steps below to make an appointment. We will not be able to provide support for individuals who have not scheduled an appointment. 

  • Step 1 – Parents/students use the Chromebook troubleshooting guide(
  • Step 2 – Contact your child’s teacher so they may assist with basic troubleshooting (staff, please do the best that you can, then pass on to Kevin)
  • Step 3 – Your child’s teacher will complete a tech ticket (staff – please include contact name and number) and our tech department will be in contact with you
  • Step 4 – Drop by the tech support time to get tech support to either repair the issue or swap the device (the tech team will inform you of possible time frames)

Many internet and wireless providers have announced temporary measures that will help families impacted by the school closure.  See our list of resources below.


Charter Communications

Free broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 / college students

All charter Wi-Fi hotspots will now be open for public use

To locate Charter Wi-Fi hotspots, go to and put in your zip code



Free public Wi-Fi  for 60 days.

Locate Comcast's Xfinity-branded hotspots here.



No late fees  and residential / small business customers will not be terminated during the next 60 days.

All data limits will be suspended for the next 60 days.



Open roaming agreement with T-Mobile for the next 60 days for free roaming on each other’s networks.

Customers with a metered data plan are now receiving unlimited data at no additional charge for the next 60 days.

All Sprint customers will receive 20GB per month of hotspot/tethering data at no additional charge for the next 60 days.

Service will NOT  be terminated over the next 60 days due to late/no payments.

All activation and upgrade fees will be waived and free next day shipping on all phones, tablets, hotspots, etc.



Open roaming agreement with Sprint for the next 60 days for free roaming on each other’s networks

Customers with a metered data plan are now receiving unlimited data at no additional charge for the next 60 days

All T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile customers will receive 20GB per month of hotspot/tethering data at no additional charge for the next 60 days

"Lifeline" customers will receive an extra 5 GB of data for the next 60 days



Waiving all late fees / keeping all customers connected that are impacted by covid-19



All public hotspots will be open to everyone.

All K-12 teachers will be making contact with families Monday (March 30th) - Wednesday (April 1st) by phone or other technology application to discuss students’ progress.  No hard copy report cards will be completed or mailed.  This will only be a time to communicate progress and provide resources to help assist families in maintaining previous learning.