2022-2024 Replacement Levy » What happens if the levy passes or fails?

What happens if the levy passes or fails?

What happens if the Levy passes?

If the replacement levy passes, not only will the East Valley School District receive the local tax dollars approved by voters, but we will also receive additional state levy equalization funding (approximately $2 million) necessary to maintain essential student supports and enrichments.


What happens if the Levy does not pass?

If the replacement levy does not pass, not only will the District lose the local tax dollars, but we will also lose the additional state levy equalization funding (approximately $2 million) and we will have to eliminate and/or reduce funding for the essential student support and enrichment programs currently offered for our students.


What are levy equalization funds?

Because we are a smaller school district without as much tax income as other areas in Washington State, the legislature tries to balance revenues with “equalization” funds. The idea is to provide all students across the state with equal educational opportunities. Our schools depend on levy and levy equalization funds - 13% of our current East Valley budget is funded by the combined amounts provided by our Local EP&O levy and levy equalization allocation.

Graph showing that 8% of EVSD funding comes from levy, 7% from federal government, 5% from levy equalization funds, 79% from state funding and 1% from other revenue.