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Enrollment Options

Home-Based Instruction:
  • To qualify for Home-Based Instruction, a parent must complete a Home-Based Instruction Request Form and submit it to the District Office with an original signature.
  • More information regarding Home-Based Instruction can be found at the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)
District Attendance Area Transfer Request:
  • A student may request to transfer to another school within East Valley School District by completing the Intra-District Transfer Request form (see below) and submitting it to the principal of the building at which the student is currently assigned with an original signature.
    • Intra-District Transfer request (English) -
    • Intra-District Transfer request (Espanol)
  • More information can be found at: Board Policy 3131
Non-Resident Students:
  • A student who does not reside in the East Valley School District may apply to attend an East Valley School by:
    • Obtaining a release from their resident school and bringing a completed copy to the EV school they are wishing to attend.
    • Complete a nonresident application
    • Complete a Nonresident Guest Student Policy
    • More information can be found at: Board Policy 3141
Release of Resident Students (Choice Transfer):
  • A student who resides in East Valley School District, but wishes to attend a school in another district, may do so by completing the Choice Transfer Request Form and taking to the school they wish to attend.
Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) programs:
  • A student wishing to participate in the EVSD ALE program (Graduation Alliance) must meet with the EVHS Principal to obtain approval.
  • More information can be found at: Board Policy 2255