In order to accommodate an increase of students moving into our district, it is necessary to add an additional bus route. Bus Route 21 will be servicing the stops below. Please note the pick up and drop off times below for your students:

Middle School/High School 

712 S 41st St                                                                  7:05am (8:05am Monday)         2:44pm

41st & Henning                                                             7:06am (8:06am Monday)         2:45pm

41st & Polly Lane (Terrace Park Apartments)                  7:07am (8:07am Monday)         2:47pm

5305 N. Sky Vista                                                          7:10am (8:10am Monday)         2:52pm

5203 N. Sky Vista                                                          7:10am (8:10am Monday)         2:52pm

Channel & N. Sky Vista                                                 7:11am (8:11am Monday)         2:53pm

5039 N. Sky Vista                                                          7:11am (8:11am Monday)         2:54pm



41st & Kroum                                                    7:49am (8:49am Monday)         3:38pm

500 University Pkwy                                         7:52am (8:52am Monday)         3:41pm

J.A. World                                                        7:53am (8:53am Monday)         3:42pm

2205 Butterfield (Skyline Mobile)                     7:58am (8:58am Monday          3:47pm

T.H.E. Base                                                       8:05am (9:05am Monday)         3:54pm

Maple & Hillcrest                                             8:09am (9:09am Monday)         3:58pm

Crawford & Hillcrest                                         8:10am (9:10am Monday)         3:59pm

Maple & Sycamore                                           8:15am (9:15am Monday)         4:04pm

Boulder & Blackstone                                       8:16am (9:16am Monday)         4:05pm

57th & Bohosky                                                 8:17am (9:17am Monday)         4:06pm

57th & Tumac                                                    8:21am (9:21am Monday)         4:10pm

205 N. Canyon                                                  8:23am (9:23am Monday)         4:12pm

5608 Terrace Heights Drive                              8:25am (9:25am Monday)         4:14pm

600 Locust                                                       8:26am (9:26am Monday)         4:15pm

502 S. Terrace Heights Drive                             8:28am (9:28am Monday)         4:17pm

58th & Morningside Drive                                 8:29am (9:29am Monday)         4:18pm

Roza Hill & Bridle Way                                      8:30am (9:30am Monday)         4:19pm

309 Wendt                                                       8:32am (9:32am Monday)         4:21pm


This route will begin on Monday February 24th, 2020.

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.