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Levy Facts

Replacement Levy


Your vote counts February 9, 2021


  • This is not a new tax.
  • It renews the current levy that expires in 2021.
  • The Replacement Levy continues our community’s investment in our students and schools.
  • It provides critical funding for student readiness, safety, health and security, enrichment and advanced places courses and extra-curricular activities—music, JROTC, arts, sports and other activities. It also funds early learning and social emotional support services and other unfunded mandates not funded by the state.
  • The amount requested will not increase. In fact, it reduces each year beginning in 2023 with approval of the renewal levy. The district will only collect up to the amount approved by voters.


What do levy dollars fund?

We are focused on eliminating learning gaps and aim to help all students reach their highest academic and social abilities through rigorous educational programs and instruction.


Levy funding helps us provide opportunities for students that allow them to explore interests,  and participate in programs and activities to connect them to school and prepare them to be career, college and life ready. It provides funding for educational programs and resources not funded through state basic education. This includes:


  • Early Learning Programs
  • Athletics
  • Advanced Course Offerings (Middle School Algebra & AP classes at EVHS)
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
  • Safe & Secure Schools (including Student Resource Officer position)
  • School Nurses
  • School Counselors
  • Social Emotional Support Specialists
  • Special Education
  • Band, Music & Drama
  • Extracurricular Opportunities
  • Technology Services
  • Transportation/Bus Fleet
  • Maintenance of Facilities
  • Textbooks & Curriculum
  • Class Size Reduction
  • Enhanced Communications 
  • Recruitment & Retention of Highly Qualified Staff
  • Professional Development

Who decides how levy money is spent?

The East Valley School Board of Directors, Superintendent, and Business Director are responsible for overseeing the expenditures of levy funds. The community may provide input in the process by attending meetings of the Board of Directors the second and fourth Monday of each month. School Board meetings are currently being held online. To request a link, please contact Sheryl Seaman at [email protected]


What happens if the Levy passes?

If the replacement levy passes, not only will the  District receive the local tax dollars approved by voters, but we will also receive additional state levy equalization funding (approximately $2 million) necessary to maintain the programs listed above.


What happens if the Levy does not pass?

If the replacement levy does not pass, not only will the District lose the local tax dollars, but we will also lose the additional state levy equalization funding (approximately $2 million) and we will have to eliminate and/or reduce funding for the essential enrichment programs currently offered for our students.