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2021 Levy Information

Proposed Replacement Levy Amount:

Year Estimated rate per $1,000 assessed property value Levy Amount
2022 $1.97 $4,155,352
2023 $1.96 $4,464,999
2024 $1.95 $4,753,174

What does “replacement levy” mean?

In 2018, East Valley voters approved our current Educational Support & Operations Levy. Our current levy expires in December 2021. To continue offering quality education, the school district must submit this levy proposal to voters. The proposed replacement levy would begin after our current one expires; no funds for the replacement levy will be collected until 2022.


Current Levy Amount:

Year Rate per $1,000 assessed property value Levy Amount
2020 $1.97 $3,621,608

Why would the amount I pay go down?

As the East Valley area grows, property taxes are spread across a wider tax base, which  can result in lower taxes for individual homeowners.


What is the “estimated rate”?

By law, the levy is set as a total dollar amount to be collected. In 2020, the school district will collect $3,621,608, as approved by the last levy. That amount is divided amongst all the taxable property owners in East Valley.


In order to help homeowners plan for how much they will pay, an estimated rate is given. The rate may change because of valuation changes set by the Yakima County  Assessor. Rates may also be adjusted based upon limitations imposed by law at the time of the levy.