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Welcome to Student Health Services:


The East Valley School District provides health services to:

  • Promote a healthy and safe school environment
  • Identify actual and potential health concerns
  • Provide healthcare to students and staff
  • Advise students, parents/guardians, and staff on health care issues
Using their clinical knowledge and judgement school nurses:
  • Provide care for sick and injured staff and students
  • Administer medication and perform health care procedures under health care provider guidance
  • Develop care plans for students with chronic health concerns
  • Perform health screenings and coordinate referrals
  • Monitor immunizations
  • Maintain medical history



In order to ensure the safety of all students taking medication during school hours, the State of Washington mandates all of the following requirements must be met, as outlined in RCW28A.210.260 to 270.  These requirements apply to both prescription and over-the-counter medications. Over the counter medications like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Midol, etc. all fall under these requirements.

  1. The parent/guardian may obtain the medication authorization form from school, completes the top of the form, and takes it to the doctor/provider. The doctor/provider fills out the rest of the form with information about the medication and specific directions for administration
  2. The parent/guardian brings the completed form, and the medication to school in the original, labeled container.  Please do not send medication with your child.  When filling or refilling a prescription, let your pharmacist know you need a separate bottle for school.  They will place a portion of the prescription in a separate bottle.  By law, we cannot accept medication in ziplock bags, etc. 

  3. The parent/guardian counts and signs with school staff for amount of medication brought to school.  Please allow time for this step when bringing medication to the office. 

  4. For safety reasons, students may not administer their own medication without the signed medication order from the healthcare provider, and permission from the parent/guardian, school nurse, and principal
ALL OF THE ABOVE STEPS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE A STUDENT CAN HAVE ANY MEDICATION PRESCRIPTION OR OVER THE COUNTER AT SCHOOL. Pleased contact your school nurse for any questions you may have about this process.