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Monitoring Air Quality

As a District, we make every effort to put the health and safety of our students at the forefront of our daily efforts. In times of poor air quality, we have a system in place to ensure that we are utilizing the most up-to-date information available to help guide our decisions in whether to allow students to go outside for recess and when to keep them indoors.


When the quality of our local air is in question, we first monitor the Washington Department of Ecology’s website at In the event that this website is unavailable, we utilize the recommendations from the Washington Smoke Blog to guide our decisions (


After we have evaluated the most recent air quality reports, we cross reference the labels provided with recommendations for air pollution and school activities by the Washington State Department of Health. If the air quality is labeled as unhealthy for sensitive groups (orange dot), we restrict all students with breathing challenges from outdoor activities and provide alternative options. If the air quality reaches the unhealthy (red dot) or very unhealthy/hazardous range (purple dot), we restrict all students from participating in outdoor activities including recess, P.E., and athletics.


After our initial findings for the day, we continuously monitor the air quality and make adjustments throughout the day as needed to protect the health and safety of our students and staff members.