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“Always Improving, Committed to Student Success”

Updated on Friday, September 28, 2018 - 


Our 2018-2019 school year is off an running at full speed. We kicked the year off at our annual district start-up day with an inspiring presentation by MaryAnn Brittingham on how to reach ALL STUDENTS.


We will embark on this next year with a clear message and continued focus on the growth and achievement of at least one school year for ALL STUDENTS, regardless of their starting point. Our annual district goals aim to achieve these successes with our students, putting an emphasis on differentiated, data-driven instruction. Our educators will continue to work collaboratively with their professional learning communities to ensure that we provide intervention and enrichment opportunities to meet students where they are at, with what they need to be successful. We will continue to promote technology in the classroom and provide innovative practices to ensure our students are ready for continued education and/or the workforce when they exit our schools. To learn more about our Superintendent/District Goals, click on the tab marked to the right. 


We are pleased to share that after thoughtful negotiations with the East Valley Education Association this summer, we have come to an agreement that provides a very competitive contract for our certificated staff. During a special board meeting on September 5th, this EVEA contract was ratified by our East Valley School Board of Directors. We continue to work with the PSE to come to an agreement to ratify a contract for our classified staff.


I invite all interested community members to join me for casual conversations about what’s happening in our East Valley Schools at two Coffee with the Community events scheduled to take place this fall on October 10th and November 15th. See below for more information. 



John J. Schieche

Superintendent of East Valley Schools