School Board Meeting in Review (November 13, 2017)

Levy Coming Soon!

Superintendent, John Schieche, led preliminary discussions surrounding the new State requirements for school enrichment levies. Our current levy was passed four years ago and is set to expire in December of 2018. A Levy Committee is currently being established to reevaluate and determine the scope of the replacement levy to fund essential programs for our students. This replacement levy will be presented to our community in February of 2018. If you have questions about the upcoming levy or about serving on the committee, please contact the Superintendent at


Jumpstart to Kindergarten

Special Programs Director, Jeri Young, presented an overview of plans for the East Valley Jumpstart to Kindergarten program. The purpose of this program is to enhance readiness of students as they enter kindergarten. This new District program will be advertised throughout the District. After screening potential students, enrollment will be determined based on which students display the most need for a placement in a pre-k classroom. Jumpstart to Kindergarten classes will begin in February 2018.

Schools of Distinction

Superintendent, John Schieche, announced that two East Valley schools, East Valley Elementary School and East Valley Central Middle School, were recognized by the State of Washington with School of Distinction Awards. School of Distinction Awards are presented to the top 5% of schools in Washington State that have demonstrated the most significant learning improvement in both English Language Arts and Mathematics over the past 5-years. This is the second consecutive year that each of these schools has received this prestigious award. We are proud of our building administrators, teachers and support staff at each of our schools for their commitment to the education and the continued growth of every student, in every classroom, every day.

Student Report

Sylus Selberg, our Student Board Representative, gave a report on student happenings at East Valley High School including the launch of winter sports and information pertaining to the recently closed Red Devil Theatre Company’s production, Murder on Center Stage. Sylus also informed the Board that the Red Devil Theatre recently closed auditions for the upcoming production of Cinderella.

District Enrollment Report

Business Director, Justin Scully, presented the District Enrollment Report. Information and data gathered show that enrollment in East Valley Schools remains steady and that we are on-track to meet our year-end budget and enrollment projections.

Construction Report

The East Valley Central Auxiliary Gym project is nearing completion. This auxiliary gym is equipped with public restrooms, a gym with bleacher seating, two locker rooms, a storage room and one classroom that will be used by our Health classes. The Certificate of Occupancy is expected within the next week. Once this has been received the move-in process will begin. The East Valley High School Modernization and Expansion project is still on hold, waiting for the Capital Budget to pass.

School Improvement Plans

Assistant Superintendent, Russ Hill, provided drafts of our School Improvement Plans. Each of our five schools will have the opportunity to share their finalized School Improvement Plans and the progress they are making toward meeting these goals with the School Board throughout the year at future School Board Meetings.

EVEA Contract Ratified!

We are thrilled to announce that the EVEA contract has been ratified by the EVEA association and approved by the East Valley School District Board of Directors. Both parties met and agreed to the terms of this agreement, which will be extended for one year, until August 31, 2018.

We are thankful to our certificated employees for their dedication to our students and our community. We understand the value that all of our EVEA staff members add to our District and are very proud to have been able to provide them increased wages. We look forward to our next two years working together to make a significant difference for our children!

Board Policies

A first reading of the following School Board Policies was conducted. A second reading will be held at our next meeting.

  • 1410 Executive or Closed Sessions (Policy)
  • 2021 Library Information and Technology Programs (Policy/Procedure)
  • 3110 Qualification of Attendance and Placement (Policy/Procedure)
  • 3115 Homeless Students (Policy)
  • 3116 Students in Foster Care (Policy)
  • 3122 Excused and Unexcused Absences (Policy/Procedure)
  • 3416 Medication at School (Policy/Procedure)
  • 3432 Emergencies (Policy/Procedure)
  • 4040 Public Access to District Records (Policy/Procedure)
  • 4120 School Support Organizations (Policy/Procedure)
  • 5005 Employment Disclosures, Certification Requirements, Assurances and Approval (Policy/Deletion of Procedure)
  • 5240 Evaluation of Staff (Policy)
  • 6020 System of Funds and Accounts (Policy)
  • 6220 Bid Requirements (Policy/Procedure)
  • 6580 Continuity of Operations Plan (Policy/Procedure)
  • 6905 Site Acquisition (Policy)


Join us in the District Office Board Room for our next Regular School Board Meeting on Monday, November 27, 2017, at 7:00 p.m.