School Board Meeting In Review (January 8, 2018)

School Board Meeting In Review (January 8, 2018)


On Monday, January 8, 2018, East Valley School Board Directors Charlotte Layman, Matthew Byers, Eric Farmer Seth Basford and Ray Wiseman met with District administrators to discuss and approve agenda items. For more information about the highlights of this Regular School Board Meeting, continue reading below. 

Travel Request

The School Board approved travel requests for members of the Human Resources Department and our schools to attend several career fairs across the Pacific Northwest in an effort to recruit highly qualified educators for the upcoming school year.

Student Report

Our Student Representative, Juliana Romo, gave a report on student affairs at East Valley High School. She gave an overview of the successes of our winter sports teams and indicated that The Red Devil Theatre Company play cast is hard at work preparing for their spring production, Cinderella.

Budget/Enrollment Report

Business Director, Justin Scully, presented an Enrollment Report to the Board of Directors indicating that District student enrollment is down by 21 students and explained that many of these families had moved out of District, and sometimes out of state. Mr. Scully also provided a thorough Budget Status Report showing that revenues and expenditures in all accounting areas are on track to meet District year-end projections.

Levy Committee Report

The Citizens for East Valley Schools have continued to meet to provide input on the District Levy Fact Sheet and to plan for future community engagement and outreach activities and communications.

New Business

The School Board conducted the election of officers and appointed Board Representatives as follows:

  • Chair of the Board – Charlotte Layman
  • Vice Chair of the Board – Eric Farmer
  • WIAA Representative – Matthew Byers
  • Levy/Bond Representative – Eric Farmer
  • Legislative/WSSDA Representative – Ray Wiseman


Resolution 360-17/18 - The Board approved the declaration of unusable furniture and equipment to surplus.

Board Retreat

The School Board approved agenda items for the Board Retreat, planned for January 24, 2018. This retreat will assist in infusing our newly appointed members in the work of their positions and provide opportunity to review progress on District goals and initiatives.

Board Policy Review

A first reading of the following School Board Policies was conducted. A second reading will be held at our next meeting.

  •  2022P Electronic Resources and Intranet Safety
  • 2023 Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy
  • 2410 – High School Graduation Requirements
  • 2410P – High School Graduation Requirements
  • 3115 Homeless Students Enrollment Rights and Service


Join us in the District Office Board Room for our next Regular School Board Meeting on Monday, January 22, 2018; at 7:00 p.m. Directly preceding our Regular School Board Meeting, at 6:30 p.m., we will hold a study session to review all components of the 2018 Replacement Educational Support & Operations Levy. We encourage those families and community members that have unanswered questions pertaining to this levy, to attend this LEVY FORUM.