School Board Meeting In Review (2.12.18)


The School Board approved personnel changes including the retirement of the following individuals at the end of the 2017-2018 school year: Rick Clark (5th Grade at East Valley Elementary), Cynthia Crnick (5th Grade at Terrace Heights Elementary), Kathleen Harvester (Life Skills Teacher at East Valley Central), Julie Milburn (Elementary Music Teacher at both Moxee Elementary and Terrace Heights Elementary), Mary Thiessen (Paraprofessional at East Valley Central), Sue Cullen (English Teacher at East Valley High School) and Nancy Jewett (1st Grade at Terrace Heights Elementary).

Student Report

Our Student Representative, Sylus Selberg, gave a report on student affairs at East Valley High School with  an overview of the successes of our EVHS winter sports teams and upcoming events.  

Enrollment Report

Business Director, Justin Scully, presented an Enrollment Report to the Board of Directors indicating that District student enrollment is on track to meet projected numbers. The month of January brought 36 new students to the East Valley School District, 20 of which are new students enrolled in our Kinder BRIDGE program.

Academic Report

Assistant Superintendent, Russ Hill, shared a PowerPoint presentation detailing the results of midyear student testing in both reading and math. Both district administrators and our Board of Directors reviewed the trends found in this data to analyze the growth of our students, successes and areas in need of improvement.

Annual State Audit Report

Business Director, Justin Scully, shared that our District is currently in the process of completing the Annual State Audit with the Washington State Auditor’s Office.  


The following resolutions were accepted by the School Board of Directors, signaling the finalization of these District projects.

  • Resolution No. 361-17/18- Acceptance of the East Valley Central Classroom Addition Project
  • Resolution No. 362-17/18 – Acceptance of the East Valley Central Auxiliary Gym and Classroom Project
  • Resolution No. 363-17/18 – Acceptance of the East Valley Elementary Upgraded Finishes Project


Join us at East Valley Elementary School  for our next Regular School Board Meeting on Monday, February 26, 2018; at 7:00 p.m.. East Valley Elementary will host the Board Meeting and present their progress toward meeting the goals outlined in their School Improvement Plan.