Thank you Mrs. Baldwin!

Baldwin’s Boutique, operated by Mrs. Baldwin and student volunteers is a “store” where students can shop new and lightly used clothes, shoes and accessories for FREE! When students are done with their work, they can simply ask for a pass to visit Baldwin’s Boutique to get the essentials they need.

According to Mrs. Baldwin, ”The idea for the store came when one of my students didn’t want to sit next to me because she thought her shoes smelled funny and she couldn’t afford a new pair. I just knew I needed to do something to help out.”  In the last two months, the idea has grown into something much larger than Mrs. Baldwin ever imagined. Now, Baldwin’s Boutique is serving multiple students every day and they are even able to shop the selection for clothes for their siblings.

We thank Mrs. Jeanette Baldwin for her dedication to ensuring that students are comfortable, cared for and clothed so that they can succeed in our classrooms! If you’d like to make donations of new or lightly used clothes or new hygiene products, please contact Mrs. Baldwin at