Principal, Matthew Toth

Mr. Toth is the one always singing the praises of others doing great work in his buidling, but this month we’re spotlighting him for the work he does at East Valley Central and... we’re not the only ones that think Mr. Toth deserves a little recognition.

This year Mr. Toth was nominated for the Association of Washington School Principal’s Principal of the Year award and advanced to the finalist round! The continued successes East Valley Central has made (including being labeled as a Washington State School of Distinction two years in a row) are a reflection of the dedication he shows to empowering his students and staff so that they are able to perform to their fullest abilities.

Mr. Toth works diligently to provide every opportunity available for his students at East Valley Central and works collaboratively alongside his staff to make sure that they have the support and resources they need to serve their students.  We thank Mr. Toth for his love of education and our East Valley children. Shine-On Mr. Toth!