Superintendent's Message

Picture of Russ Hill
Dear East Valley Community,
What an amazing start to the 2023-24 school year!  It was exciting to feel the positive energy from our staff and students as they returned to our buildings in late August.  This energy has continued over the past few weeks and has been reflected in an amazing start to the year.  
As we welcomed our students back to our buildings to begin a new year, we had an intentional focus on planning student activities that fostered positive relationships and a sense of belonging to their school.  Research shows that students who feel a strong connection to their school are more likely to attend regularly, more likely to experience academic success, and less likely to engage in challenging behaviors.   We plan to continue to incorporate activities with this focus throughout the school year and into our everyday practices.
With the beginning of a new year comes optimism and opportunity to continue to support excellence, and improvement towards excellence, both for each individual student and our schools as a whole.  We are eager to continue to grow our systems of support to meet the needs of our students and strengthen the connections with our families.  We continue to invest in professional development to grow the skills of our staff and provide several opportunities to invite families into our schools.  Through our work together, we can build a system of support  that will lead to high levels of learning for all of our students and ensure their future success.
I look forward to seeing you out in our schools and community and having the chance to talk in person.
Russ Hill
EVSD Superintendent