Selection Process

Completed applications will be reviewed by a selection committee at the nominees' school/department. Finalists will be selected by a group of representatives at the school level. Finalists for each category, from each school, will be recommended for the East Valley Crystal Hop Award. 
Completed applications of finalists for each category and building will be reviewed by the East Valley Crystal Hop Selection Committee. This selection committee is made up of individuals from the fields of education, business, and public service. They will represent the ethnic and cultural diversity of the East Valley School District. The award will be based on documents submitted and will not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, religion or disability. 
** Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. **
Selection Process Steps: 
  1. Community member places a nomination
  2. All completed nominations are reviewed by a committee at the school-level
  3. Each school-level committee will select a finalist for each Crystal Hop category
  4. Finalists will advance to the district-level Crystal Hop Selection Committee
  5. Winners will be announced during their recognition week
Are you interested in joining the Crystal Hop Selection Committee? Please contact us to get involved!
Brittany Kaple - 509-573-7311-
Mark Roy -