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Emergency Information/Winter Weather

We are committed to ensuring safe and secure schools for our students, staff and community. Throughout the school year we prepare for 4 types of incident responses. During any emergency, we are committed to communicating with families as quickly, with as much information as we can provide. Please be assured that during an incident that presents danger, student and staff safety is our first priority, and communication will follow.



Estamos comprometidos a garantizar escuelas seguras para nuestros estudiantes, personal y comunidad. Durante el año escolar nos preparamos para 4 tipos de respuestas a incidentes. Durante cualquier emergencia, nos comprometemos a comunicarnos con las familias lo más rápido posible, con toda la información que podamos brindar. Tenga la seguridad de que durante un incidente que presente peligro, la seguridad de los estudiantes y el personal es nuestra primera prioridad, y la comunicación seguirá.