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How did East Valley Schools do?

When reviewing our school snapshots, you will notice that three of our schools (East Valley Elementary, Terrace Heights Elementary and East Valley Central Middle School) have been identified as Targeted Support 1-2. This means that the State has identified 1-2 areas where students are struggling and may require additional support.

Targeted Support for 1-2 student groups is the most basic support level being offered by the State in this new rating system. Schools with 1-2 struggling student groups will have access to a wide array of self-directed supports to help ensure the success of each and every one of our students.

Parent and guardian input is vital to this process. We will be communicating ways that parents can provide feedback during this process as we work to implement our new support systems.

We are committed to the success of each student in our district and are focused on raising each student’s academic performance. We are optimistic about the future, and we hope you will join us in this important work. We encourage you to contact your student’s school or the district office for any questions that you may have or for additional information.