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Equity Questions for Consideration

The Equity Questions for Consideration is a tool which district leaders will apply to decision making when it comes to internal systems, processes, resources, and programs in the East Valley School District. The questions are designed to help create increased opportunities and access for each student by guiding decision makers to consider the burdens, barriers, and benefits of decisions under consideration. The purpose of the tool is to align our strategies and approaches with more equitable outcomes for each student.
The questions are as follows:
1. Describe the proposed action, desired results and outcomes, and connection to East Valley School District's 'Big 5'.
2. How have you clearly defined the problem that you are trying to solve, using an improvement science approach which includes: 
  1. Being problem specific and user-centered
  2. Embracing measurement and the use of data
  3. Learning through disciplined inquiry
3. How have you intentionally involved stakeholders who are also members of the groups affected by this policy, program, practices or decision?
4. How does the proposed action expand opportunities for equity in the district?
  1. Who are the demographic groups affected?
  2. How will each group be impacted/affected by the decision or action? 
  3. Are there any potential unintended consequences for specific groups/populations? Are there strategies in place to mitigate any negative impacts?
5. Does the proposed action identify and address barriers to equitable outcomes? 
  1. How will you identify potential barriers?
  2. How will you track progress toward reducing disparities?
6. Describe any changes you have made or will make to the action after applying the equity lens.