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How does Dual Language work?

How Does Dual Work?

Incoming kindergarten students must apply and then are  selected for the program using a lottery system (see Commonly Asked Questions & Answers for more information on how the lottery runs).  These students will remain in the dual language classes for the length of the program, currently grades K-10.


In grades K-2, all students are taught their literacy block in Spanish for half of the day. Their math, social studies and science blocks are taught in English. This schedule shifts in grades 3-5. At this time students begin to receive their literacy instruction blocks in English and their math, social studies and science blocks in Spanish. In these classes English and Spanish speaking students are partnered so that they can provide each other with support.


At East Valley Central, sixth grades students in the dual program spend two blocks of math and one block of science receiving instruction in Spanish. In seventh and eighth grade they receive social studies instruction in Spanish. This time accounts for 3 of their 7 periods each day. The remainders of their studies are conducted in English. The EVC dual language course offerings will continue to grow with the program.