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Social Media Guidelines - Page Visitors

Official District and School social media pages are administered by our communications department and building administrators. We update and monitor these accounts during regular office/school hours. These pages were created to engage with our families, students and staff and to promote District and School pride, initiatives and programs.
We welcome your comments and questions on our social media pages, but before you post, please ensure that you do not include personal information or photos of others without their consent. On all pages, it is expected that people treat each other with respect. To keep our pages focused, we have set some expectations of conduct:
  1. BE POSITIVE! We are proud of our students, our employees and our community. Please share in that pride!
  2. The East Valley School District reserves the right to ban or block individual users and groups that do not follow our guidelines and expectations.
  3. All visitor posts to this page will be evaluated prior to posting. To ensure that all exchanges are informative, respectful of diverse viewpoints and lawful, we will not allow comments that are:
  • Off Topic. We reserve the right to delete any comments that are not related to the topic or to the subject of the page entries.
  • Spam. Comments focused on selling products or services will not be posted.
  • Personal Attacks. If you disagree with a post or someone’s opinion, we ask that you contact us directly. Please refrain from personal attacks. We will delete any posts that we think are inappropriate or offensive.
  • Illegal. Our page will follow all laws that govern the use of copyrights, trade secrets, etc.
  • Language. Please refrain from posting profane, provocative, obscene or sexually explicit language, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive or derogatory content and threats. Any comments or posts in violation will be deleted and reported.
The East Valley School District is not responsible for user-generated content and the opinions expressed in that content do not necessarily reflect those of East Valley School District. We try our best, but cannot commit to replying individually to all messages received via social media.