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Website/Social Media Page Request - Staff

Please review the procedure for obtaining an Official District or school website or social media account prior to launching your site: 





Approval to host an official district account using any provider other than Edlio (current district website provider) is required prior to the launch of said site. All accounts, pages, sites and blogs are reviewed by the communications department and are approved by the Superintendent. Approval will only be granted if the intended site, blog, page or account meets ALL of the following requirements:


The intended account, page, blog or site must:

  • Promote school and district missions and visions, programs, initiatives and directives in a positive light
  • Have a clearly defined purpose and/or represent a district program (sports team, club, classroom)
  • Be administered and monitored by an employee(s) of the East Valley School District
  • Must be linked to the District or school website
  • Must display social media guidelines as provided by the District
  • Must maintain strict usage filters as provided by the District
  • Must communicate all usernames and passwords associated with the account to the District


Request and Registration Process


All staff members that wish to begin an official social media site or external website for professional purposes, are required to fill out an online request form to register this account with the district. Examples of these sites include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Classroom, etc. Approval from a building administrator is required prior to requesting permission at the District level.


To register your account you must complete the following steps:

  1. Request permission for the site, page, account, or blog from your building administrator
  2. Fill out all parts of the Internet Communications Request located in either the For Staff tab, section Forms, or Technology Department sections of our district website and submit for approval.
  3. Once your site, account, page or blog has been approved you will be provided with a specific email account and password to be used as the username and password associated with your account. These should remain the same. If for any reason the username or password changes, the administer of the account needs to immediately inform the communications department for records keeping purposes.
  4. Before your account, page, site or blog goes live, you must meet with the communications department to ensure that you have posted District Guidelines and have appropriate filters in place.

 The person who requests permission to host the page, account, site or blog is responsible for monitoring and administering it. If leadership changes, the communication department needs to be made aware of who will be taking charge of the page, site, account or blog.

Any administer of an official district account, page, site or blog agrees to follow all social media guidelines and acceptable use policies.